The ‘Wynne’ Crop Cardigan.

I’m so excited about my brand new crochet design I’m working on; I just have to share its progress and give you a little peek!

As some of you know, I’ve been so busy with the opening of my little workshop studio and wool shop – Granny Purls here in Chepstow South Wales, that I’ve been storing ideas over these past 3 months.  I have been so eager to get on with one of these ideas that I simply had to find the time, steal a moment to myself (or two) and actually do what I love the most!  Which is to sit peacefully and let the design in my head flow through the hook and simply stitch away the hours.  I’m not usually one to pause during my design process and share what’s going on.  But I’ve taken a coffee break and thought it was the ideal opportunity to let you in on the process…

Sometimes as in the case of Wynne; I will simply see a yarn and ideas start to form in my head, imagining first the shape of the garment and style I want to achieve, the time of year I imagine myself wearing it, and the occasions it will be perfect for. When this has formed in my imagination, I then think about the stitch work that will best show off the yarn and style.  As I dream up this new item for my wardrobe, and let it form fully before starting to work on it. I think of a welsh girls name that would be fitting for the finished item.  In this case as soon as I thought of Wynne I knew it fitted what the finished design will be… And I’m so looking forward to sharing Wynne with you. In welsh the name Wynne means ‘fair’.  As I’m imagining styling this beautiful cardigan over a 50’s style tea dress, to waer when there’s that slight summer breeze in the air. I imagine Wynne being a fair lady.

The Wynne Cardigan, is a beautiful fan stitch cropped style design, using Stylecraft’s Jeanie.  Which is a lovely blend of 60% cotton and 40% premium acrylic,  making this a perfect summer evening cardigan.


Be sure to keep a look out for the finished cardigan and pattern release soon!



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The Wynne design in progress…


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Becoming a crochet ‘Designer’.

Becoming a crochet ‘Designer’.

Growing up I was never good at ‘art’.  I come form a rather large family, and I believed that being the youngest, all the talent for art had been used up.  I could not draw, not at all. And I rather liked to colour outside the lines.  Doing what I was told was never easy for me.  I liked to be daring, I must have driven my poor mother crazy – I’d do cartwheels and handstands in dresses, play in the mud, stick gum in my hair, sneak off on my bike, climb on rooftops, play where I knew I wasn’t allowed to be, and was forever purposefully getting myself lost!  I loved the freedom to be able to do and be who I wanted to be.  How did my mother put up with me?

Crochet, design, Jodie Rees, All for the love of Abbie.
Cari Gloves – Designed by Jodie Rees

Fast forward to just a few years ago.  I decided one day I’d like to knit and crochet. I’m from an age where as a child that’s how your mother spent her evenings. It was a grownups thing, so naturally I wanted to do it.  My mother would cast on and let me knit scarves and even bought me a Tomy child’s knitting machine, which I’ve still got.  But I could not remember how on earth to do it now I was an adult and mother myself.  So with the desire in my heart to crochet and knit. I got down to learning, I decided to start with crochet. Ever since I picked up that crochet hook and started learning the beautiful art of crochet, I instantly loved to create my own designs.  They didn’t always work out so well back then, but the joy of being able to craft something pretty and unique got me hooked!  It has taken me a few years to be brave enough to share my designs with the world, but they have been received so kindly by those that have purchased them as a handcrafted item, and those that have pattern tested for me. I’ve finally found the courage to unleash my creativity with the world, which is scary coming from a girl who can’t draw a stick man! Instantly I found so much joy from seeing those locally that have tried my patterns, have loved them, and found so much joy themselves that they’ve made them numerous times; is so fantastic to see and be a part of, it really is a phenomenal feeling when someone loves your design that much! So,  I’ve decided its time that these patterns are no longer just mine, its time to get those same patterns out in the world through Etsy and Raverly. And hope that they can bring the same amount of joy to those that try them.

Crochet, design, Jodie Rees, All for the love of Abbie
Myfanwy Jumper – Designed by Jodie Rees
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